Tummy Tuck Safety And Risks  Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City  Health and Wellness

Tummy Tuck Safety And Risks Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City Health and Wellness

Tummy Tuck Safety And Risks Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City

Posted by HealthInfo Posted in Cosmetic Surgery Posted on 03-10-2009

Even though serious and complicated surgeries performed today are safer than the minor surgeries conducted hundreds of years ago, , surgical procedures such as abdominoplasty still have risks. Lets focus on tummy tuck safety and risks.

In the end, the decision to have abdominoplasty is yours alone, and only you can decide if the benefits of having the procedure outweighs any risks you will assume by making the choice.

A list of all possible risks of having abdominoplasty is below, even though your doctor should discuss all risks and complications with you beforehand.

The biggest risk of any surgery is hematoma, also referred to as excess bleeding. Aspirin, which is an anti-inflammatory pill can be taken to reduce the risk as well as vaso-dilators. The medical facility is responsible for sterilizing the operating room and equipment; at times certain bacteria may still enter the wound causing an infection which is another risk. Antibiotics can be used to treat an infection; however, surgical incisions are difficult to treat.

Anesthesia is another risk; at times a patient may have a negative reaction towards the anesthesia, for this reason it is crucial that the doctor knows everything about the patient before conducting surgery.There are a few other risk possibilities; necrosis of the tissues, which means the skin dies, deep vein thrombosis, which is caused by a clot and creates circulation problems, and nerve damage which could cause permanent numbness or loss of sensation.

Your plastic surgeon may be the highest ranking board-certified surgeon; however, your surgeon cannot predict or promise you that the aesthetic outcome will be to your satisfaction. Each patients body reacts differently towards Abdominoplasty. Loose skin may persist, as may swelling and skin discoloration. In addition, scarring cannot be avoided; although every effort is made to make incisions where scars are least likely to be apparent, it may not be hidden altogether. Remember, these risks are not very common at all; in cases where these risks have been evident are when a patient selects a plastic or cosmetic surgeon who does not primarily practice. Selecting a plastic surgeon that is certified through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (such as Dr John B Moore) is crucial.

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